• No Matter where Your Operational Data is
    OSIsoft Technologies can Collect and Store it

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    1. Data silos: collecting data into asset or solution-specific applications limits your view of enterprise performance
    2. No data ownership: operational data resides with the collection company
    3. Missing, or poor, data context: lack of metadata makes it difficult for end users to find data
    4. Poor data quality: due to unpredictable network connectivity
    5. Increased use of bandwidth: raw data sent from remote locations means higher bandwidth costs

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    1. Maintain one version of the truth for your operational data and easily integrate it with other systems; the PI System is agnostic and eliminates silos
    2. Own and control your operational data
    3. See the data context by automatically collecting source metadata that can be filtered, searched, etc.
    4. Maintain consistent data quality by buffering and/or storing data during network interruptions
    5. Optimize data communications by analyzing raw data in the field and only send what's most important

  • PI Connectors & PI Interfaces

    PI Connectors & PI Interfaces

    A portfolio that enables connectivity to devices through more than 230 industry protocols.
    Pi System for Edge Gateways

    Embedded OSIsoft Technologies

    Partners also embed OSIsoft technologies directly onto their solutions, making them even easier to integrate.
    OSIsoft Message Format

    OSIsoft Message Format (OMF)

    A message specification from OSIsoft that shapes sensor based data so that it can be transferred and stored in the PI System.
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    PTC Improves Augmented Reality and Machine Learning

    National Instruments Video

    National Instruments

    Bring context to High-Speed national Instruments Sensor Data



    Demo: A Partner-Centric IIoT Integration Example Using Off-the-Shelf Components

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